Monday, March 02, 2009

MBPurple 0.2.1 released!

It's about 3 months from the last release. This release contains both major & minor bug fixes and some enhancement, mainly to Twitgin. Please proceed to download the latest release here

Don't forget to enable Twitgin in Tools->Plugin This version contain major bug fixes and some improvements

We are also working on Adium port of MBPurple. Hopefully this will be released very soon!


Rising-Top said...

Oh my God!
Thanks for this!

Lancaster said...

very good news for me

NotACat said...

What's the timetable for the next update?

Binarymutant said...

An excellent plugin, so good in fact that I'm in the process of getting into Ubuntu and Debian :)

Artist said...

Nice work, the plugin is great.

Ps, can you upgrade the ubuntu ppa to karmic? i just had to load it from the jaunty source