Friday, August 01, 2008

Microblog-Purple 0.1

It's beginning on Thursday 2 weeks earlier. I start feeling irritate more and more with my Google Twitter Gadget. The update failed silently, bugs in GUI that made lots of empty space between each tweet, and I have to re-login every time I turn on my laptop. And well, I'm more used to the way twitter communicate with my IM. Having it only on desktop gadget made me miss a lot of tweets.

So I decided to do something. And here it is. Microblog-purple project is a Pidgin plug-in that make your Pidgin or any LibPurple-base client, like Finch (tested) or Adium (hopefully it'll works. Waiting for @markpeak), communicate with directly. I spent last two weeks coding this during my free time, with the help of my friends. The very first alpha came out last week (in SVN), and now I think it's stable enough to have the official release (0.1).

Please see the download page to download the plug-in for your platform. Right now we have Windows and Ubuntu (32|64)bit. Many thanks to
  • @sugree - features, bug fixes, Windows installer, and Ubuntu port
  • @chanwit - nice patch for text formatting. make my life much easier.

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